Last Week and Post Mortem – Chris

This week was most definitely crunch time – the last push before our “finalized” game. As far as art is concerned, the environment was still too short, and so Syd and I worked together to make tons of extending, seamless assets. After all, we didn’t want the environment to be repetitive. Syd made a ton of environment tiles, and while I also made a couple seamless sand tiles, most of what I did was sprite sheets full of environment decorations and place-able assets, such as anchors, rocks, seaweed, etc. Shout out to John also for becoming a level designer and arranging it all.

Positive: I learned a lot about seamless assets, sprite sheets, and new ways of importing into unity.

Negative: I have never tried to make art at such high speeds, and it was incredibly stressful. Crunch time is not fun.


Post Mortem:

I think that so far at Drexel, this is the most “industry” experience I’ve had so far. Never before have I worked on a project like this with such a large group, and that alone was new. Usually when working on games, I’m doing a bit of everything rather than having a specific role in a department, so that was interesting. Communication definitely was important. I was also really surprised by the scope of our game, and how large it ended up being. I remember thinking that the other group in our class, Orcs in Love, had a dangerous scope. Ours ended up being huge, but also manageable, and only manageable through extreme task management and staying up at inordinate hours of the night.

I suppose in terms of skill, I learned a lot about specifically making assets for games. Sprite sheets, importing, making vector art for rigging, simplifying character designs, color theory to direct the players eye – making something at this scale in such a short amount of time forced me to learn a lot on the fly, and even though it was stressful, it was fun. The positive to this was really just going through the whole process, the ups and the downs. It was cool to see and help a concept we were all excited about become a playable product. The negative though, was the stress, especially around crunch time,  but now at least I know to avoid it.


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