Final Week & Postmortem – Noah

The project’s done. This week was spent putting everything together. Fixing bugs and making sure everything works to the best of our ability.

For the final sprint, I worked on implementing player health, the respawn mechanic, and several bugfixes.

Player health was in the build for a while, but issues with colliders kept keeping health from properly updating. Tom and I fixed the problems, and the player health UI now updates to reflect the player health variable. I also worked on implementing the respawn mechanic. After one player dies, the camera will adjust its player following code to only follow the remaining player. When the second player dies, the game will fade to black with a game over message before reloading the level.

I also worked on bugfixes. Most of my involvement with bugfixes was helping the other programmers when issues arose. We worked hard through the week to look over our code.

The bugs I personally fixed were related to the sister’s animation, her shield, and the brother’s slingshot. All of the sister’s animations looped, so when she aimed upwards, she continued to look up over and over. She now only looks up once. I also repositioned her shield to be drawn closer to her body, and to be taller. Now, enemy bullets won’t sneak past her shield before she can pull it up. The brother’s sling shot fired in odd positions depending on the direction you were aiming at. I cleaned up the code so that the slingshot firepoint would stay consistent.

The good of this week was that we were able to push hard into building a vertical slice of the game.

The bad is that we didn’t have the time to polish and bug test as much as we’d like to.

Post Mortem

This was a interesting project to work on. I enjoyed working with this team: everyone had a strong work ethic and our project management kept us on task.

The programming team was able to learn source control quickly, which greatly helped our ability to save and share code.

Unfortunately, we didn’t much time to work on this project. We worked on this game as part of an introductory course, so many of us were learning our development programs and tools as we were going through the weeks. If we had a few more weeks of development, we would have more work time in which we all understood how to solve our tasks.

We also overscoped. Even for a simple sidescroller, we had too many features, which cut into polishing the core mechanics. In the future, we should focus on the minimum viable product before exploring other ideas.


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