Final Journal and Post Mortem

Well…that was a whirlwind of weeks. I can’t believe we got as much done as we did and (for the most part) enjoyed it. I haven’t created so much art in one day as I did the day we decided to knock out all the environment assets at once. Developing this game with this group has been quite the experience and it was great to work with people this passionate about games with the same morbid sense of humor.

We cranked out a ton of final art, finished off some additional assets, placed in the music, finished the trailer, and polished the GDD. A lot went well, including the workflow Chris and I developed for making all the art assets the same style and colors. I think we got most of the assets out in time but I personally struggled with delivering things in a timely manner. One of my greatest downfalls on this project was procrastination. I wish I could have lent a hand to the programmers more, but between my unfamiliarity with Unity and my very, very poor coding skills, I probably would have done more harm than help.

For future projects this game has taught me plenty about management and weekly updates. Meeting with people face to face is extremely helpful in keeping up to date with the workings of other departments and makes the overall workflow much smoother. I’ve also learned that things can very quickly spiral out of control. I don’t think I was well prepared for this class with only a small exposure to Unity and jython and relied heavily on my already familiar skills. I’m proud of what we accomplished, but wish we could have done more.

  • Production, Art Assets, Week 11, Sydney Oswald

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