Post Mortem

Post Mortem  Mike Moore, 13Jun17

I want to start off by saying that through struggle is how great things are accomplished. People learn more lessons from bad experiences than good ones.

Good Experiences: This portion of the course needs to have left and right lateral movement limits. As a group we decided to undertake a large project in terms of Art, animation, and especially code. We were not able to create the game we set out to create, however, i did learn a great deal. As a project manager i learned all of the different internet based organizational support programs and websites. I also learned the process of developing a game from start to finish. I also learned that there is a big difference coming from the military, my outlook and leadership skills needed to adapt and change to push this project forward. A huge positive is that this team was extremely motivated and talented. They poured hours upon hours into this game. Everyone carried a immense amount of weight, especially the coding department. I gained a newfound respect for how diverse the game design pipeline and industry is.

Bad Experiences: I was not prepared for this class, i have not had any previous class that taught animation, Unity, basically anything besides modeling. There were multiple people in class that did not have enough training (college classes) to develop a game. I ended up using YouTube to teach myself how to use Unity and animate/rig in maya. Another series of issues that i had is working with peers. Even when leaders are chosen by the team or the leaders naturally step up when needed, there is a lot of pushback from individuals. In the workforce there are bosses who have authority and people know when and when not to speak up. Having a fully democratic team is great for idea flow but bad in terms of focus and execution. Since the team was made up of peers (college students) who have a plethora of workloads and other priorities and struggles its hard to set realistic timelines to complete certain assets. It was difficult to manage all the different departments/department leaders because i lacked the knowledge of those certain departments (coding).

Overall Experience: Even though this was a huge learning curve and this course should be placed later in the GDAP catalog, it was a great learning experience. With all of these struggles, with every single roadblock or speed bump, i learned how to manage, relate, and work with a team of highly motivated and talented people.


Production, Animation, Week 11, Mike Moore


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